Planning the National Monograph Strategy Report

To what extent does the physical environment in which we undertake a task (hold a meeting, run a workshop, write a paper), affect the outcome of that activity?

Does working in a small room, with glass walls – that you can write on – make for a better planning workshop?!

I ask these questions as the project met just before Christmas with our project co-design leads: SCONUL and RLUK, who kindly gave up some of their time to help us think about, and plan, the project’s report.

The workshop had two aims:

  1. Begin shaping a shared vision for the National Monograph Strategy, and;
  2. Collaboratively decide on main sections of the final report and sketch out content/headings in a little more detail.

The meeting ended up being incredibly productive; in around half a day we’d managed to sketch out a vision for the report and the structure and outline of content.

The planning workshop meant the project effectively got a lift up a couple of rungs on the report writing ladder – we sat down to do the writing with a clear structure and vision in place.

So, very shortly – maybe even by the end of this month – the draft NMS report will be published.

Then we want to hear from you and get your thoughts.

National Monograph Strategy Planning workshop

National Monograph Strategy Planning workshop National Monograph Strategy Planning workshop

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