NMS phase one

Phase one of the National Monograph Strategy

The National Monographs Strategy project explored the potential for a national approach to the collection, preservation, supply and digitisation of scholarly monographs. 

The national monographs strategy project was not addressing a straightforward problem however; rather it needed to address a series of interrelated problem spaces.

The project devoted significant effort to understanding the problems and the value of the potential benefits (benefits might include: space savings, efficiencies and de-duplication, more effective document supply, for example). Once the problems and the value of the benefits are understood it will be easier to identify the most appropriate solutions and to develop a strategy to deliver them.

The project undertook this work using a series of sprints including community events enabling meaningful library engagement in the project, and helping ensure a result that meet the needs and expectations of the UK academic library community.

The project delivered three substantive outputs:

  1. A landscape study: A report that provides a coherent picture of the monographs issue that encompasses the recent, relevant work done to explore the monograph issue.
  2. The monograph problem: A report defining and assigning value for the problems that need to be addressed by a national monograph strategy.
  3. The monograph solutions: An outline of the possible solutions which could address the problems identified.

 The project ran for 6 months from June 2013 until December 2013. 

This project is part of Jisc’s Innovation programme and is an output from a pilot co-design process which is working with some of Jisc’s key stakeholders and partners.

Jisc Project Team

Rachel Bruce, innovation Director (Digital Infrastructure)

Ben Showers, Programme Manager (Digital Infrastructure)

Andrew McGregor, Programme Manager (Digital infrastructure)

Peter Findlay, Programme Manager (Content and digitisation)

Sarah Dunne, Programme Manager (OUT team)

Co-design Leads

Ann Rossiter (SCONUL)
David Prosser (RLUK)
Wayne Connolly (Newcastle University)

National Monograph Strategy expert advisory panel

The NMS convened an expert advisory panel to help shape and guide the project through the complex and fluid monographs environment.

The panel was made up of key stakeholders, representing sectors such as: Libraries, Publishers, Researchers and senior institutional managers.

Below is the membership of the group and their ‘mission statement’.

Mission statement

The panel will help us define the direction the project takes each step of the way and provide us with critical knowledge and input throughout the project.

It will provide a strategic overview of the different community requirements, provide expert feedback and input into project meetings and workshops, discussions, documentation and reports, and wherever possible, act as ambassadors for the project and its vision.

Our expert panel will:

  • Review and provide feedback on project documentation, reports and progress updates and provide overall quality assurance for the project and its outputs;
  • Advise on the approach, scope, stakeholders, sustainability and governance of the project, as well as opportunities and collaborations;
  • Reflect the needs and requirements of your communities and to support the development of accurate user requirements and needs;
  • Test and challenge the projects assumptions and offer constructive criticism when necessary;
  • Advocate on behalf of the project at appropriate opportunities.

Panel Membership

Ann Rossiter – SCONUL
Annie Mauger – Cilip
Anthony Cond – Liverpool University Press
Brian Hole – Ubiquity Press
Caren Milloy – Jisc Collections/OAPEN
Caroline Brazier – British Library
Carrie Calder – Palgrave MacMillan
Chris Pressler – Senate House Libraries
Christine Rees – Edina (University of Edinburgh)
Darryl Mead – National Library of Scotland
David Prosser – RLUK
Ed Chamberlain – UEA Library
Emily Stambaugh – California Digital Library
Graham Stone – University of Huddersfield Library
Ian Broadbridge – AHRC
Jonathan Glasspool – Bloomsbury Academic
Joy Palmer – Mimas
Katherine McSharry – National Library of Ireland
Ben Johnson – HEFCE
Kristin Antelman – UNCC library
Martin Eve – Open Library of the Humanities/Researcher at University of Lincoln
Maxine Melling – PvC (Operations) University of Gloucestershire
Mike Mertens – RLUK
Professor Aled Gruffydd Jones – National Library of Wales
Patricia Killiard – Cambridge university Library
Paul Ayris – UCL
Prof. Geoffery Crossick – Distinguished Professor of the Humanities School of Advanced Study, University of London
Richard Ovenden – University of Oxford
Sandra Bracegirdle – University of Manchester Library
Sarah Price – University of Birmingham Library
Sophie Goldsworthy – OUP
Wayne Connolly – Newcastle University Library
Zina Sabovic – Wellcome trust (head of collections)

2 thoughts on “NMS phase one

  1. Graham Taylor

    Interesting that the NMS expert panel of thirty people does not include any of the current leading monograph publishers . Any particular reason for this? Were we invited?

    1. Ben Showers Post author

      Hi Graham,

      We are currently in the process of inviting, or waiting to hear back from, a number of the major monograph publishers (i.e., OUP, Palgrave etc). The expert panel will be updated to reflect these new members (assuming they are able to participate), once we have heard back.



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