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Report: Investigation of solutions for access to academic books in a digital form

Previous research by Jisc ( investigated the unavailability of reading list materials in a digital form for use in higher education. Following on from this initial research, Information Power undertook a detailed investigation into the underlying access issues and potential routes to improving provision of reading list materials in a digital form. Following consultation with … Read more

Survey: The problem of acquiring individual e-book titles for your library

Information Power Ltd (IPL) is currently working on a Jisc project examining the problems that libraries face in finding and acquiring e-books for titles on reading lists. The project will take these findings to the publishers’ associations to facilitate a discussion about how publishers can address the problems and meet the needs of their library … Read more

Digital access solutions report

Throughout 2016 we worked with participants from the Access Solutions pilot to identify issues around what was initially labelled as a ‘monographs’ in a digital form, however bibliographic information supplied on reading lists, by academics and researchers often made it difficult to distinguish titles this way. The ten chosen institutions supplied us with lists of … Read more

Investigating access barriers to monographs in digital form – a call for participation

This call for Participation invites librarians in Higher Education institutions to join Jisc as we work through issues relating to access to digital monographs as part of the second phase of the National Monographs Strategy project. Jisc will award grants of £6,000 to up to ten HEIs to cover participation in the project by two … Read more